Access control


Today, it is possible to manage access control to the most diverse spaces, secure them, map the entrances and manage the permits.

It can be done in domestic environments, companies and offices, in businesses and in the most diverse services.

For the control of gates and access points, DaBaTech is able to design and install systems equipped with:

–     videophones,

–     magnetic badges and proximity readers,

–     vehicular gates and turnstiles,

–     biometric terminals.

Systems can also be combined by integrating electronic cards, recognition with RFID technology, biometric recognition and pin codes. Everything to guarantee increasing security standards along with the increasing relevance of the places to protect.

Facial recognition further strengthens the access control system but not only:

the system we offer is integrated with video surveillance thanks to an innovative suite of advanced applications that use face biometric information caught by video cameras.

access control

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